19 Best Wholesale Hair Extension Vendors Factory List in USA

1. SUQUUN hair extensions vendor wholesale high density hair extensions USA

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SKQUUN hair extension factory wholesale human hair extensions. Tape in hai extensions, hand tied weft. Machine made hair weft,handmade hair weft,fake hand made hair weft. Hair extensions suppliers tape in

Virgin Fake handmade hair weft, tape hair extensions,Ribbon hair weft, Remy Ribbon hair weft, I F U V tip hair extension, Ponytail hair bangs Flip in Hola hair.

Pontail hair Bangs in Halo Hair, Micro loop, Nano hair extensions, Lace clip in hair, clip in hair, Ribbon Clip in hair extensions, PU clip in hair extensions, Machine made tape hair extensions, Clip Y tip hair extensions,6D/8D hair extensions, Feather hair extensions. wholesale hair extensions manufacturer USA

Cutomized curl, customized length, customized colors.

2. USA Hair hair extensions human hair vendor supplier USA

hair extensions factory wholesale

USA Hair is a leading hair extension and wig brand in the USA. It prides itself as the largest online-based sore in America.

The brand aims at helping you achieve longer, and fuller hair looks. The end goal is to boost your beauty and confidence.

Why choose USA Hair? The brand owns factories to manufacture hair extensions, wigs, and hair extension tools.

It offers top-notch customer services that match its products sold at affordable prices. Better yet, you can buy your hair extensions from USA Hair factories. No middlemen involved!

USA Hair offers a range of hair extensions to meet all your needs. The hair extension includes;

  • Clip in extensions
  • Tape-in extension
  • Micro-loop extensions
  • Nano-rings extensions
  • Fusion extensions
  • Sew-in extensions
  • Permanent extensions
  • Ponytails
  • Invisible wire extensions
  • Hair toppers for clients dealing with Hair loss or thinned hair.

The hair extensions come in different colours. You will get free hair colour samples and two free colour swatches when unsure of the colour to select.

USA Hair ensures clients’ online safety. It uses encrypted SSL security for 100% secure payments.

Enjoy free shipping on all orders with zero duty fees or sales tax. Visit their website for more information about their incredible products and services.

USA hair extensions suppliers

3. All Virgin Hair hair extensions manufacturer supplier USA

hair extensions tape in supplier vendor USA

All Virgin Hair is a reliable hair extension supplier in the USA. The company manufactures raw human hair products.

Why choose All Virgin Hair? The brand offers a range of all-natural and 100% chemical-free hair extensions. The extensions blend seamlessly with your natural hair.

All Virgin Hair supplies extensions of different lengths, curls, and textures. The differences help to meet the diverse needs of its consumers.

The different types of hair extensions supplied by All Virgin Hair include;

  • Wefts
  • Clip-ins
  • Tape-ins
  • Ponytails
  • Closures and frontals

Buy various hair care accessories to keep your hair extensions in good condition. hair extension supply

Visit their website to place your order if you live in the USA. International orders might have to wait until the brand opens its doors.

4. Hair Couture Hair extensions suppliers wholesale price hair USA

High density hair extensions vendor USA

Hair Couture is your one-stop shop for all hair extensions and wig needs. The brand also offers high-quality hair accessories and tools.

Confidence and beauty are the two main qualities the brand aims to embrace with its products.

Why choose Hair Couture? Hair Couture offers 100% Human Remy products that seamlessly bond with your hair.

The hair extensions offered by Hair Couture come in different colours and lengths. Diversity helps to meet the diverse needs of its clients.

Examples of Hair Couture hair extensions include;

The company purchases natural human hair from Thailand, Indian, and China villages. Visit their website for their range of hair extension products, including Smart Hair. Hair extensions tape in USA

5. Prarvi NYC human hair extensions suppliers manufacturer USA

hair extensions distributor vendor suppliers usa

Prarvi NYC produces the highest quality hair extension and other products from India. The brand aims to provide authentic and innovative products to its customers. hair extensions suppliers

Why choose Prarvi NYC? The company offers 100% raw human hair ethically sourced from temples in India.

All its hair extensions come at an affordable process without compromising on quality. Prarvi owns a manufacturing unit, allowing customers to buy from the factory.

The hair extensions have a healthy natural bounce, thickness, strength, and durability. Examples of human hair extensions offered by Prarvi NYC include;

  • Closure hair extensions
  • Frontals
  • Curly wefts
  • Clip-ins
  • Volumizers

The hair extensions come in different lengths, curls, and colours to suit your needs. You can contact the company to make a customized order.

Prarvi allows customers to try out samples before paying for the full-size product. Visit their website for a 5% discount on the highlighted products.

6. Eve Hair Inc. tape in extensions suppliers vendor USA

hair extensions black vendor USA

Eve Hair, Inc. is the leading human and synthetic hair extensions and wigs distributor. The company, established in 1990, has been in the market for decades.

Eve Hair has a robust research and development team. The team helps manufacturers create unique products.

Why choose Eve Hair Inc.? Its extensions come in different styles, lengths, and colours to meet clients’ needs. hair extensions vendors

Eve Hair, Inc. offers products suitable for every age group. The different hair extensions provided by the company include;

  • Closures
  • Clip-ins
  • Tape-ins
  • Dome extensions
  • Bangs
  • Toppers
  • Drawstrings ponytail extensions

All products come at reasonable prices. Visit the company’s website for more quality products like Remy hair extensions. tape in extensions vendors wholesale USA

7. KmXtend hair extension salon business suppliers wholesale USA

hair extensions USA hunman hair vendor

KmXtend is the go-to hair extension supplier for stylists, salons, and individual customers. The company aims to enable women to express their creativity and unique individualities.

Why choose KmXtend? The brand sources hair for its premium extensions from Russia and Mongolia.

Russians and Mongolians have bespoke hair types with admirable thickness, durability, and texture.

Better yet, KmXtend only uses 100% virgin hair. It guarantees zero chemical treatment on hair extensions.

Examples of the high-quality hair extensions offered by KmXtend include;

  • Hand-tied wefts
  • Machine-made wefts
  • Clip-in hair extensions
  • Tape-in hair extensions
  • Injection tape extensions
  • I-tip hair extensions
  • Halo extensions
  • Ponytails hair extensions
  • Sew-in hair extensions

Visit their website for affordable hair extensions in different colours, lengths, and textures. Enjoy a fantastic discount where applicable. hair extensions suppliers wholesale

8. eHair Outlet handtied extensions manufacturer wholesale vendors USA

Hair extensions suppliers wholesale tape in USA

eHair Outlet is an established brand. It has been providing quality hair extensions and lashes since 1998.

It is the most prominent hair extensions and wig supplier in Atlanta. eHair offers 100% virgin human hair extensions at affordable prices.

Why choose eHair Outlet? The brand offers chemical-free Remy hair safe for children and pregnant women.

Examples of hair extensions supplied by eHair outlet include;

  • Tape-in hair extensions
  • I-tip hair extensions
  • V-tip extensions
  • Micro links
  • Ponytails
  • Hand-tied wefts
  • Machine-made wefts

All hair extensions come in different colours, lengths, and curls. The diversity helps to meet the various needs of its customers. human hair extensions

eHair’s hair extensions have many benefits. Some of the advantages include being tangle-free and having a lustrous texture.

Enjoy free shipping on all orders above $199, plus more discounts on its wholesale program. Visit eHair’s website for more information.

9. UNice hair extensions wholesale private label USA

hair extensions clip in human hair vendors USA

UNice is your home of premium hair extensions, weaves, and wigs. The company aims to give women the confidence they deserve through its hair products. tape in extensions vendor wholesale

Why choose UNice? The company supplies a wide range of hair extensions at incredible prices. The brands lay’s emphasis on detail and excellence.

All UNice’s hair extensions come in different lengths, colours, and textures. Examples of hair extensions offered by UNice include;

  • Clip-in hair extensions
  • I-tips
  • U-tips

Visit the brand’s website for more information about their hair extensions. Enjoy a fantastic discount on a variety of products. hand tied extensions

10. Donna Bella Hair luxury hair extensions distributor wholesale custom USA

Hair extension vendors wholesale hair USA

Donna Bella Hair is among the top 100% Remy human hair extensions suppliers.

The brand handcrafts all hair extensions. Trained experts do the crafting while maintaining an intact cuticle on the products. Tape in hair extension vendors wholesale

Why choose Donna Bella Hair? The company uses quality assurance checkpoints in its factories to enhance consistency.

Donna Bella Hair offers a wide selection of hair extensions. The extensions come in different lengths, colours, and curls.

Examples of hair extensions offered by Donna Bella Hair include;

  • Professionally made hair extensions such as tape-ins, hybrid wefts, I-links, and flat tips.
  • Ready to wear extensions such as clip-ins and halo extensions.
  • It has textured hair extensions such as curly and wavy extensions.

Visit the company’s website to make your order. Enjoy excellent tips on hair extension maintenance. wholesale hair extensions supplier

11. Kiss Hair Fashion human hair extensions suppliers vendors wholesale USA

Wholesale hair extensions U tip vendors suppliers USA

Kiss Hair Fashion is the best hair extension supplier based in Chicago. The company manufactures a decent selection of hair extensions and wigs. clip in hair extensions manufacturer

Why choose Kiss Hair Fashion? The brand sources its hair extensions from a reliable manufacturer. Kiss Hair offers high-quality extensions at affordable prices.

Kiss Hair Fashion offers extensions of different colours, lengths, and textures. It’s an all-under-one roof when it comes to hair.

Examples of hair extensions supplied at the store include;

  • Frontals hair extensions
  • Closures hair extensions
  • Plus, much more

Enjoy a 5% discount as a first-time customer when you buy through their website. Get up to 30% off when you buy at the factory outlet. hair extensions suppliers wholesale

12. Loxx Hair Chicago factory price hair extensions tape in hair USA

high quality hair extensions suppliers USA

Loxx Hair Chicago is a locally owned hair company in Chicago established over a decade ago. The company provides high-quality and ethically tested hair care products.

Why choose Loxx Hair Chicago? Loxx Hair supplies exceptional hair extensions to customers. It helps hair stylists provide admirable results to clients by providing quality products.

Examples of hair extensions supplied by Loxx Hair Chicago include;

  • Closures
  • Frontals
  • Clip-ins
  • Tape-ins
  • Wefts

The hair extensions come in different lengths, colours, and textures. The best part is that Loxx sells the extensions at reasonable prices. hair extension specialist vendor wholesale

Enjoy free shipping and save on your orders by subscribing to their newsletter.

13. Chaviv Hair virgin hair extensions suppliers wholesale USA

wholesale private label hair extensions vendor USA

Chaviv Hair delights in supplying the market with show-stopping hair extensions. Chaviv supplies handmade hair extensions to mimic natural locks’ colour, shape, and texture. factory price hair extensions wholesale USA

The brand’s founder prides on styling celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Lady Gaga. Chaviv Hair stands as California’s number-one hair extension salon.

Why choose Chaviv Hair? The hair salon uses the finest Slavic hair, which helps achieve natural results.

The salon offers different hair extensions, such as;

All hair extensions come in different lengths, colours, and textures. Visit their website to get book your free consultation.

14. His and Her Hair Goods Co. handtied wefts tape in hair extensions wholesale USA

hair extensions suppliers wholesale tape in hair USA

His and Her Hair Goods Co. is a unisex brand that offers quality hair extensions, toupees, and wigs. Its expertise began in 1962 when the company started making over half a century old.

Supplying exceptional hair for men and women sets the company ahead of competitors.

Why choose Hi and Her Hair Goods Co.? The brand manufactures most of its hair products by paying attention to detail.

His and Her Hair supplies 100% human hair extensions. You can also order a high-quality synthetic hair extension.

The hair extension products come in different lengths, colours, and textures. Examples of the hair extensions supplied by His and Her Hair Goods Co. include;

  • Tape-in extensions
  • Clip-in extensions
  • I-tips
  • U-tips

Visit their website for more amazing products at incredible prices without compromising quality. Enjoy free shipping on all orders above $100. wholesale price hair extensions factory

15. Sunny’s Hair hand tied weft extensions tape in hair extensions distributors USA

hair extensions wholesale private label USA

Sunny’s Hair is your trusted hair extensions supplier. It has always served you with quality products since 1962.

The women-led and owned company aims to help women achieve longer and thicker hair. It has its line of hair extensions but also stocks products from renowned brands. hair extension suppliers wholesale

Why choose Sunny’s Hair? The brand oversees the production of its private-label hair extensions.

Sunny’s Hair uses raw human hair from the Tirupati temple to manufacture extensions. The virgin human hair has zero-chemical content making it more reliable.

Examples of hair extensions supplied by Sunny’s hair include;

  • Virgin Indian hair
  • Tape-in hair extensions
  • Clip-ins
  • I-tips
  • Sew-ins
  • Frontals and closures
  • Hand-tied hair extensions

The brand’s hair extensions come in different lengths, colours, and textures. Visit Sunny’s Hair website for more information about its products.

16. Indique Virgin Hair Extensions clip in hair extensions vendors USA

Hair extensions wholesale private label USA

Indique Virgin Hair Extensions specializes in manufacturing and supplying high-quality hair extensions.

The owners established the company in 2007 and have opened retail stores across the USA.

Why choose Indique Virgin Hair Extensions? The brand has global distributors from America to Asia, Africa, and Europe.

It only provides 100% virgin human hair, as its name suggests. Indique offers clients an opportunity to understand its products through physical consultations.

Examples of hair extensions supplied by Indique include;

  • Closures and frontals
  • Clip-ins
  • Tape-ins
  • Ponytails
  • Keratin tips
  • Machine-made wefts
  • Wigs and braiding hair

The hair extensions come in different lengths, colours, and textures. Visit its website for more amazing products and discounts. hair extensions wholesale vendors

17. Ted Hair tape in hair extensions manufacturer wholesale USA

Hair extension manufacturer supply vendors USA

Ted Hair factory supplies hair extensions and wigs as a service that started in 2008. The company targets salons, hair stores, hair stylists, and online sellers.

Why choose Ted Hair? The factory reduces the risk of overpricing caused by third parties. All its products come at an average of 30% lower than vendor prices.

Ted Hair uses 100% human hair to manufacture its hair products. Examples of human hairs used by the company include;

  • Virgin Brazilian hair
  • Virgin Peruvian hair
  • Virgin Indian hair
  • Virgin Malaysian hair
  • Raw Vietnam hair
  • Raw Indian hair

Ted Hair offers coloured Remy hair with different lengths and textures. hair extensions wholesale

The company does not compromise on quality and lets you, as the customer, come first. Get top-grade hair from as low as $17.50.

Visit Ted Hair’s website for satisfying customer reviews. Learn how to start your hair business with only $300 at the period described on the website. hair extensions specialist

18. Salon Karizma and Spa Tape in human hair extensions vendor wholesale USA

Hair extensions wigs wholesale vendors USA

Salon Karizma and Spa should be on your favourite hair extensions suppliers’ list. The company creates beautiful and vibrant hair to boost your confidence.

Why choose Salon Karizma and Spa? The company is an award-winning salon offering a luxury salon experience to customers.

The salon specializes in hair extensions and colour manipulation. The owner has an experience of more than 14 years in hair extensions. hair extensions manufacturer distributor

Examples of hair extension services and products you will find at the salon include;

  • Tape-ins
  • Hand-tied wefts
  • Bands

The hair extensions come in different colours, lengths, and textures. Visit the company’s website for more information.

19. Hair and Compounds Inc Tape in hair extensions wholesale vendor USA

Hair extensions suppliers wholesale business USA

Hair and Compounds Inc. is a stylist-driven hair products brand established nearly 25 years ago. It sources and produces 100% Remy human hair extensions. 

Why choose Hair and Compounds Inc.? The brand targets licensed hair professionals to whom it sells its products.

The brand supplies handmade hair extensions to the market. The products have to pass through a rigorous quality assessment.

Examples of hair extensions manufactured by Hair and Compounds Inc. include;

  • Tape-ins
  • Wefts
  • Plus, much more

Hair and Compounds Inc. hair extensions come in different lengths, colours, and textures. Diversity helps to meet the diverse needs of its clients.

The hair extensions have cuticles and roots aligned, which ensures longevity. You can contact the manufacturer for customer orders.

Visit its website for more information and discounts. Enjoy incredible products at excellent prices. wholesale price hair vendors

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