52 Best Wholesale Hair Extensions Vendors Factory In Australia

1. SKQUUN Hair Extensions wholesale private label

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SKQUUN Hair Extension Manufacturer is a leading hair extension brand in China . It deals with the sale of human hair extensions and associated products.

SKQUUN came to be in 2009 as a product of Edward. The founders had a goal of supplying high-end hair extensions.

The brand has morphed into a one-stop shop for hair extension needs. It also offers other cosmetics, tools, accessories, haircare products, and a hair academy.

Why choose Hollywood Hair Extensions? The brand offers high-quality hair extensions that offer product durability.

The brand is a one-stop shop for most hair extension needs in the market. The brand has extensive insights into hair extensions, translating into innovative hair products.

The different hair extensions designs in stock at the brand include the following:

  • Clip-in designs
  • Weft designs
  • Tape design

The brand sells these designs in different colour variations. It also offers fantastic discounts and after-sales.

2. Vixen Hair Extensions

Hair extension vendor wholesale Australia

Vixen Hair Extensions is a leading hair extension supplier in Australia. It believes in perfectionism achieved through customized hair extensions and other hair services.

Why Choose Vixen Hair Extensions? The brand uses the highest quality human hair. It sources hair from diverse origins worldwide, resulting in quality products.

Vixen Hair Extensions offers bespoke products and services at competitive prices. This means that it targets clients from all financial backgrounds.

The brand offers personalized consultation services. It allows customers to make colour-matching consultations.

Vixen offers clients an opportunity to learn about elite techniques of application extension.

Personalized hair products and application techniques result in perfectionism. Vixen is your go-to brand if you need to stay on top of your game with uniqueness.

The hair extension designs offered by the brand include the following:

  • Nano-tip extension
  • Micro bead extension
  • Tape-in extension
  • Fusion extension
  • Weft extension
  • Halo extension
  • Clip-in extension

The hair extensions come in different lengths, colours, densities, and textures. Brands should strive to achieve diversity to cover various consumer needs.

3. Pure Hair

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Pure Hair is a brand that stocks cost-effective but quality hair extensions. The more affordable a reliable product is, the higher the market demand.

Pure Hair stocks products of varying lengths, volumes, textures, and colours.

Why choose Pure Hair? It stocks a wide variety of hair extensions in alignment with diverse customer needs.

The brand’s products are well-designed to give customers unique aesthetic appeals.

The brand has many positive reviews, implying a higher sense of reliability. The reliability comes from its durable products and commendable services.

The different types of Hair extension designs available at the brand’s store include:

  • Clip-in hair designs
  • Halo designs
  • Tape designs
  • Ponytail designs
  • One piece designs
  • Micro-loop designs
  • Micro-link designs
  • Human hair designs
  • Pre-bonded designs

The different hair designs listed above are available in different variations. For more information on the various products associated offers, visit their store.

4. Medusa Human Hair Extensions

Hair extension manufacturing wholesale suppliers Australia

Medusa Human Hair Extensions is an online brand supplying durable human hair extensions. It also offers talk-of-the-town hair care services.

Like the mythical Medusa, the brand seeks to harness hair to enhance feminine power.

Why choose Medusa Human Hair Extensions? The brand sells high-quality extensions that are able to curl and twist in any design.

Medusa Human Hair Extensions uses long and thick strands to make its products. The material used helps to provide comfort and a touch of luxuriousness.

The brand has many offers and benefits, including 10% off on the first order. Get to enjoy free shipping for purchases above $250.

The various forms of hair extension designs available at Medusa include the following;

  • Tape designs
  • Clip-in designs
  • Wefts Designs
  • Micro-ring design
  • Custom design

The hair extension designs offered by Medusa come in different variations. The diversity in length, volume, and colour gives you a wide selection when buying hair.

Customers can get satisfactory information about the brand’s products and services online.

5. Easi Hair Extensions

hair extensions distributor wholesale private label Australia

Easi Hair Extensions is the largest online shop in Australia. It deals with the sale of high-quality hair pieces and hair extensions.

The brand stocks various hair extensions with material, length, style, and colour variations.

Why choose Easi Hair Extensions? The shop stocks different types of hair extensions without compromising on quality. Easi also offers durable hair accessories and hair care equipment.

Easi Hair Extensions is your one-stop shop for different hair products. No compromise on quality! Easi also offers durable hair accessories and hair care equipment.

Hair extension designs available at the shop include the following:

  • Tape-in design
  • Clip-in design
  • Halo design
  • Ponytail design

Each Hair extension design has a unique price, depending on material and style.

Easi Hair Extensions understands the value of customer retention. It does so by offering clients amazing discounts.

6. Jadore Hair Supplies

Manufacturer wholesale own brand hair extensions Australia

Jadore Hair Supplies is an Australian hair brand focusing on durable hair extensions. The company deals with wholesale and retail business models in its transactions.

The brand is a one-stop shop for various hair extension needs. The needs include hair care, hair extensions, accessories, and equipment.

The brand differentiates itself from competitors by specializing in high-quality human hair extensions.

Why choose Jadore Hair Supplies? The brand stocks bespoke, innovatively designed, and stylishly curled products. The uniqueness generates a touch of perfection.

The brand uses a gentle colouring method on hair extensions. This helps to enhance strength and softness.

Jadore Hair offers extra training and consultations for free. The training includes how to attach various hair extensions in a professional manner.

The different hair extension designs designed by Jadore Hair Supplies include the following:

  • Clip-ins
  • Tape-ins
  • Wefts
  • I-tip
  • Ponytail

The above-listed hair extension designs come in different curls, colours, lengths, and volumes. Contact the store to get the most suitable hair extension at the best price.

7. Minque Hair

Wholesale own brand hair extensions suppliers Australia

Minque Hair is an Australian hair brand specializing in selling hair extensions. Due to an acquisition by KiKi Hair Extension Company, Minque has rebranded to KiKi.

KiKi Hair Company is a renowned brand specializing in selling premium hair extensions.

Why choose Minque? The brand’s products are well and selectively handpicked. The handpicking removes short strands resulting in improved durability.

Minque’s products are fashionably curled, offering consumers a touch of glamour and class.

The brand uses silk to manufacture its hair extensions. Silk signifies comfort and luxury when used to manufacture any product.

Hair Extension designs available at Minque include the following:

  • Clip-in design
  • Tape-in design
  • Halo design
  • Ponytail design
  • Weft design
  • Synthetic designs

The new brand KiKi has various price and product offers alongside after-sales. Examples of the lucrative benefits offered include free shipping.

8. Maiden Hair Extension

Best hair extensions wholesale own brand vendor Australia

Maiden Hair Extension is an Australian brand that serves as a one-stop shop for all hair needs. The main product sold by the brand is hair extensions.

Selling hair extensions allows the brand to cross-sell related products and services. Other products offered by the brand include hair care cosmetics, accessories, and equipment.

Why choose Maiden Hair Extension? The brand has stocked all products and services related to hair extensions.

Maiden Hair Extensions offers many after-sales benefits. The benefits include discounts for initial purchases. Get a chance to enjoy free shipment for goods over $150.

Maiden uses innovations to give its products a glossy finish. The innovation helps to enhance durability and uniqueness.

The brand stocks various designs of hair extensions as listed below:

  • Clip-in designs
  • Tape-in designs
  • Wefts design
  • I-tip designs
  • Halo designs
  • Micro-line designs

Hair extension products are available in different lengths, colours, and textures. Contact the store for guidance on your most appropriate hair extension design.

9. Hair Candy Australia

tape-in hair extensions private label Australia

Candy Hair Australia is a brand selling hair extensions and associated products. The brand identifies as one of Australia’s suppliers of a wide range of premium hair extensions.

Why choose Hair Candy Australia? The brand sells high-quality, durable products immune. Hair Candy Australia manufactures tangle-free hair extensions.

Through its B2B pricing model, the brand sells its products at cost-effective prices. Hair Candy targets individual consumers and businesses with its prices.

Hair Candy Australia has many offers and promotions on various products. To get the most from the offers, make your orders in bulk.

The main hair extension designs by the brand include the following:

  • Tape designs
  • Keratin bond designs
  • Clip-in design
  • Weft design
  • Invisi-tape extension

The brand has different offers and extension design variables on different products. Get more information on offers and design variables by visiting their store.

10. Hair Link Wholesale Extensions

wholesale price hair extensions vendors customized Australia

Hair Link Wholesale Extensions is an incredible hair extension supplier in Australia. The brand also stocks other hair products on a B2B basis.

With two decades of experience, it has carved a reputation as a supplier of premium products.

Hair Link Wholesale Extensions stocks a range of hair extensions. The divergence occurs in design, colour, and quality.

Why choose Hair Link Wholesale Extensions? The brand is a one-stop shop for all hair extension products and accessories.

Hair Link has profound experience in hair extension development and usage. The profoundness translates to unmatched product insights.

The brand’s pricing strategy is cost-effective for both individual buyers and businesses.

The different hair extension designs stocked by the brand include the following:

  • Clip-in designs
  • Micro-bead designs
  • Tape designs
  • Weft design
  • Keratin-tip design

The above hair extension designs come in different variables and prices. Contact Hair Link Wholesale Extensions for more information about the various brand offerings.

11. Rapunzel for Hair

Wholesale private label hair extensions Australia

Rapunzel for Hair is an Australian brand specializing in premium human hair extensions. Due to the quality of its products, the brand has built a reputation as a supplier of durable products.

Why choose Rapunzel for Hair? The brand uses raw human hair to manufacture its hair extensions. It believes in the ethical collection of human hair to enhance the dignity and the value of life.

Rapunzel’s organic hair extensions are flexible to accommodate stylish curls and curves. The brand’s strands are long and flexible enough to improve durability.

Rapunzel aims to produce tangle and knotting-free hair extensions. The brand achieves this effect through the premium human hair it uses.

The various hair extension products stocked by the brand include the following:

  • Tape design
  • Clip-in design
  • Keratin bond design
  • Weft design
  • Micro-bead design

The hair extensions above are available in different colours and lengths. Rapunzel offers incredible prices on all its hair extensions without compromising on quality

12. Henshall Hair Extensions

hair extensions manufacturer wholesale Australia

Henshall Hair Extensions is a hair brand with a decade’s experience in the market. It started in New South Wales and has since consistently produced high-quality products.

Why choose Henshall Hair Extension? Its notable experience in hair extensions translates to profound insights into superior products.

Henshell Hair Extension is your one-stop shop for all hair extension needs. The brand supplies different hair extensions and hair cosmetics at incredible prices.

Henshall Hair Extensions stocks the broadest range of hair extensions in Australia.

The variations occur in hair extension colour, texture, length, and style.

Henshall pride itself in consistent positive reviews from existing and new clients.

Notable examples of hair extension designs by the brand include the following:

  • Clip-in designs
  • Tape design
  • Weft design
  • Nano ring design
  • U-tip design
  • I-tip design
  • Micro-bead design

Diversity is always important in the hair extensions industry, as practised by Henshell. The more varieties you have, the more comprehensive your target market becomes.

13. Sirens Hair Extensions

hair extensions manufacturer wholesale Australia

Sirens Hair Extension is a global premium hair brand based in Australia. It specializes in supplying 100% Remy human hair extensions.

Sirens Hair Extensions are the official sponsor of Miss Grand Australia.

The brand sources its hair products from different places around the world. Sirens Hair has a remarkable presence in the US, the UK, Canada, and New Zealand.

Sirens Hair Extensions identifies itself as a luxurious hair extensions seller. It also supplies hair extension products such as tools, cosmetics, and equipment.

Why choose Sirens Hair Extensions? The brand’s products are organically sourced in line with ethical guidelines. This results in hair products with zero side effects.

Sirens offer flexible and durable hair extensions enabling multiple washes and curls. It uses human hair cuticles on the extensions resulting in a shiny appearance.

The various types of hair extension designs stocked by the brand include:

  • Tape-in design
  • Clip-in design
  • More design
  • Russian designs
  • Customized designs

The brand offers European and Russian extensions. The extensions blend seamlessly with your hair resulting in a natural look. No one can tell between your hair and the extensions.

You may have to pay more for their hair extensions, but you will get high-class hair extensions. No regrets!

Additional brand information regarding product offers and pricing is available on their website. Contact the store to make your orders.

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