10 Best Wholesale Hair Extension Suppliers Vendors Factory In Netherlands

1. SKQUUN tape-in hair extensions wholesale private label vendor Netherlands

highest quality white people hair extensions vendors

SKQUUN is the most professional hair extension manufacturer wholesale human hair extensions.

LocaHair offers a range of hair extension designs which include;

2. LocaHair hair extensions wholesale human hair extensions suppliers Netherlands

hair extensions human hair wholesale Netherlands

LocaHair is the number one hair extensions supplier in the Netherlands and Europe. It set foot in the market in 2011 and has learnt how to maintain customer satisfaction.

Why choose LocaHair? The brand specializes in supplying 100$ human hair clip-in extensions. LocaHair offers voluminous extensions to add value to your money.

All the brand’s hair extensions come from ethically collected natural Indian hair. The texture mimics that of Europeans’ hair.

LocaHair offers a range of hair extension designs which include;

The hair extensions come at affordable prices. The extensions also come in different lengths, volumes, colours, and textures.

3. Glamour Your Hair human hair extensions wholesale price Netherlands

human hair extensions manufacturer wholesale Netherlands

Glamour Your Hair is the leading hair brand in the Netherlands and has 2023 as its 8th year in the market. It supplies premium hair extension consumers across the globe.

Why choose Glamour Your Hair? The brand offers the best Keratin and human hair extensions in the Netherlands.

The company makes its clip-in extensions using 100% Remy hair. Glam Your Hair ensures that the hair scale fall in the same direction. This is to enhance softness and minimize tangles.

GYH supplies high-quality keratin hair made using a conditioned fiber. The keratin hair has a natural shine giving it a natural-hair appearance.

You can curl, wash, style, and trim the keratin and Remy human hair extensions. Glam Your Hair offers you an affordable alternative to rocking your natural hair.

Examples of Keratin hair extensions supplied by Glam Your Hair include;

  • Wholesale Clip-in hair extensions, offered in 7-lane sets
  • Wholesale Clip and Flip-in hair extensions, offered in 1-track sets
  • Wholesale Ponytail hair extensions

Examples of Remy hair extensions supplied by glam your hair include;

Glam Your Hair guarantees its clients fast and efficient delivery to any destination

4. Luxurious-HairExtensions hand-tied extensions human hair suppliers Netherlands

hair extension manufacturer wholesale Netherlands

Luxurious-HairExtensions is an exclusive hair brand specializing in hair products and treatment services.

Why choose Luxurious-HairExtensions? The company carefully selects and tests all its hair extensions. It also uses the latest attachment methods on hair extensions for durability.

The company uses 100% Remy hair with the best virgin quality. The hair extensions supplied by the brand add length and volume to your hair.

Examples of hair extensions supplied by Luxurious-HairExtensions include;

It offers its customers different colours, curls, volumes, and cuts of hair extensions.

Enjoy same-day delivery on all orders made before 4 pm.

5. Bgorgeous by Alissa hair extension salon wholesale private label Netherlands

hair extension suppliers wholesale private label Netherlands

Bgorgeous is your go-to hair extension brand in the Netherlands. It targets individual consumers and B2B clients.

Why choose Bgorgeous? It’s the leading weave extensions specialist in Benelux. The company uses 100% natural hair strands on its extensions.

As the brand’s name suggests, its hair leaves you feeling more confident and gorgeous.

Bgorgeous human hair extensions come in two qualities, namely;

The Remy hair extensions come from select donors. The hair cuticles run in the same direction to give the hair extensions a smooth finish.

Bgorgeous provides several hair products, such as styling combs and colour rings.

6. Tailor Made Hair wholesale private label human hair extensions Netherlands

hair extensions wholesale private label Netherlands

TM Hair supplies endless hair extensions containing different colour and length combinations. It only deals with high-quality, 100% human hair products.

Why choose TM Hair? The brand tailor-makes its hair extensions. TM Hair allows customers to order custom hair extensions at competitive prices.

TM Hair extensions save time as they are easy to install. All you have to do is to cut and set; you’re good to go. The company uses the best quality Russian and Vietnamese hair strands.

Examples of hair extensions supplied by Tailor Made Hair include;

The hair extensions come in colour, length, and texture variations to meet consumer needs.

Enjoy free shipping in Netherlands and Belgium on orders above 100 Euros.

7. Great Hair Extensions suppliers wholesale tape-in hair suppliers Netherlands

hair extensions toronto wholesale bulks vendor

Great Hair Extensions is an all-under-one-roof hair extension online supplier. It’s known for its expertise and for selling the widest range of hair extensions.

Why choose Great Hair Extensions? The company supplies not only high-quality hair extensions but also offers in-depth training.

Learn the best natural hair length to fix the extensions for a seamless look. See more details on the site.

Examples of hair extensions supplied by the brand include;

The above hair extensions come in different designs, lengths, colours, and textures. The diversity makes the brand stand out amongst its competition.

Enjoy free shipping on orders above 50 Euros.

8. Alleen Haar clip-in extensions human hair extensions wholesale Netherlands

tape in extensions suppliers wholesale Netherlands

Alleen Haar, translated as Only Hair, is a hair extension brand that considers all races. Its goal is to make you beautiful at all times.

Why choose Alleen Haar? The brand has its manufacturing factory. This means it offers its products at competitive prices.

Examples of hair extensions manufactured by the brand include;

Alleen Haar offers 100% human hair clip-in hair extensions in different lengths. The Ponytail extensions come in different designs.

Enjoy the available discounts on select items.

9. The Hair Extension Bar wholesale private label suppliers Netherlands

hand-tied weft extensions wholesale private label Netherlands

The Hair Extension Bar is the most sophisticated hair brand in the heart of Amsterdam. It caters for high-end customers and those on a budget.

Why choose The Hair Extension Bar? It has the largest variety of hair extensions in colour, thickness, and length.

The brand only uses high-quality hair strands to enhance durability. Its extensions add volume to thinned and fine hair.

Examples of hair extensions offered by the brand include;

Do you need curls for your hair extensions? The Hair Extension Bar offers curls as one of its specialities.

10. My Hair Affair hair extensions wholesale customized manufacturer Netherlands

wholesale hair extensions distributors customized Netherlands

My Hair Affair is a renowned hair extension supplier in the Netherlands. The brand specializes in selling 100% Remy human hair extensions.

Why choose My Hair Affair? The company has a well-researched blog on how to maintain the extensions.

My Hair Affair offers competitive prices on all its hair extension products. Fair pricing attracts more customers increasing returns for the company.

Examples of hair extension products offered by My Hair Affair include;

My Hair Affair offers double-drawn hair extensions. The extensions stand as a favourite for many beauty enthusiasts.

The hair extensions come in different densities, lengths, colours, and textures. The diversity helps to meet the various beauty needs of its clients. human hair extensions tape-in private label 

Enjoy free shipping on all orders above 50 Euros within the Netherlands. Zascha

Zascha is the best hair extension supplier in the Netherlands. It offers 100% human hair extensions to the market.

Why choose Zascha? The brand aims at making people happy through its bespoke hair extensions.

The brand uses natural Indian hair to manufacture its hair extensions. Zascha offers incredible prices on its hair pieces, giving you value for your money.

Examples of the high-quality hair extensions supplied by Zascha include;

  • Clip-in hair extensions with silicon strips for a strong grip

The clip-in hair extensions come in different lengths, colours, and styles. The variations help to enhance customer satisfaction.

Get a chance to wear extra-long locks and artistically style your hair. You will achieve this through their hair extensions.

Enjoy same-day delivery on all orders made within 4 pm in the Netherlands.

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